Özduman agricultural machines company which was established in 1976 has the proper pride to be the leading in this sector with innovations introduced and firsts performed into the agricultural machines sector with a professional team.

Özduman agricultural machines company performs manufacturing without concessions from product and service quality and by considering the idea that “customer is our boss” for today’s circumstances and adopting the quality as a principle with a modern CNC machinery, laser and plasma cutting machines, hydraulic and eccentric press machines and robot welding machines on automation based production on 72,000 m2 area of which 35,000 m2 is closed. Özduman company, introduces agricultural machines, planting machines, soil cultivation machines and tractor safety cages with the advanced technology. Our company acknowledges that quality and success do not depend on consequences, therefore our company was registered by trial reports issued by S.U. Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agricultural Machines and TSE manufacturing competency certificates.

Özduman company reviews the production continuously through requests inland and abroad; and sends its products worldwide mainly to Europe, Balkan states, Northern Africa, Turkish Republics and meet the customers through Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Pankobirlik, wide retailer network and direct sale from our factory. Özduman Agricultural Machines company will continue to lead the agricultural machines sector by protecting our respect to our customers, effort, staidness about our business by considering developing technology and today’s conditions and developments on machines with our experienced team.